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There is a magazine called the "Well Being Journal" that strictly talks about natural health alternatives for disease, main topic is cancer. They have an issue that comes out about every 2 months.

They just came out with a special issue that is titled "Healing Cancer Naturally". One of the hardest things we in the natural health field have to do is educate the people that there are other methods of dealing with cancer that have a better track record than surgery, chemo, and radiation. Or if they are going to go the traditional route that these methods using natural products can help minimize or eliminate the nasty side effects of traditional medical treatments.

This special issue has many testimoials from people that have gone both totally natural and people that have used herbs and supplements in conjunction with surgery, chem and radiation. There are testimonials using Una de Gato, Essiac, Flaxseed and the Gerson Therapy just to name a few.

I don't know if this magazine is distibuted nation wide or not so here is their website, address and phone number for those of you that are interested.
Well Being Journal
P.O. Box 1618
Julian, CA 92036

In this special issue they go into some explainations as to why regular doctors, even if they know about these other treatments can not mention them.

I have found the information very helpful and here are statements from doctors themselves as to the defects in traditional medicine and the driving forces behind it in writing.

Hope this helps those of you looking ways to open peoples eyes to maybe try something different.