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General information and suggestions about cancer and surgery recovery


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Cancer is a general term applied to a series of malignant diseases which may affect many different parts of the body. These diseases are characterized by a rapid and uncontrolled formation of abnormal cells which may mass together to form a growth or tumor, or proliferate throughout the body, initiating abnormal growth at other sites (metastasis).

Cancer is a run-down condition of the entire body and requires attention to total health including diet, exercise and emotional healing.

No information herein should be considered a prescription or diagnosis for a particular individual or condition. Seek appropriate medical assistance.

* E-TEA - Make into tea and drink between meals
* SPECIAL FORMULA #1 or ENVIRO-DETOX (Whole Body Cleanses)
* PAU D'ARCO, PAU D'ARCO TEA or PAU D'ARCO POWER PACK (Blood Purifier/Immune Stimulants)
* RED CLOVER BLEND, RED CLOVER or BP-X (Blood Purifiers)
* UNA DE GATO (Opener of the Way) - Build Immune System
* MORINDA CITRIFOLIA OFFICINALIS - To cleanse and build the Immune System * * TIAO HE CLEANSE (Chinese Whole Body Cleanse Package) - Caution if body is in a severely weakened condition
* MARSHMALLOW & PEPSIN (Small Intestinal Cleanser)
* YELLOW DOCK or PARSLEY (Blood Purifiers)

* ECHINACEA PURPUREA or ULTIMATE ECHINACEA (Powerful Immune Stimulant) - To build white blood count
* GRAPINE (Powerful Antioxidant) - 1 mg per lb. body weight per day
* SC FORMULA (Shark Cartilage/Anti-Tumor) - Note that most Leukemias and Lymphomas do not respond to Shark Cartilage
* GARLIC, HI-POTENCY (Antibiotic/Immune Stimulant)
* LIFE-PROTEX - To prevent free radical damage. Contains DMAE.
* PHYTO-SOY (Soybean Immune Booster)
* IMM-C (Chinese Chi/Energy/Immunity)
* THIM-J (Thymus Formula)
* MELATONIN - Interacts with the Immune System. Adults only.

* GERMANIUM - To improve cellular oxygenation
* CoQ10-30 - To improve cellular oxygenation and circulation
* FLAX SEED OIL (Essential Fatty Acids) - For cell membranes
* SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL w/o IRON - Note that iron may be carcinogenic. Do not take iron if there is cancer !
* SUPER ALGAE, KELP or ALFALFA (Trace Minerals) - Tissue Health
* SUMA COMBINATION (Whole Body Balance)
* GINSENG, AMERICAN or KOREAN (Balance/Stress)
* CHICKWEED (Fat Emulsifier)
* BURDOCK (Anti-Tumor)
* BEE POLLEN - Reduces effects of radiation therapy
* DIGESTAZYME (Absorb Nutrients from Supplements)
* ZINC - For tissue growth and repair
* DHEA (Hormone Precursor) - Adults only

* PAU D'ARCO LOTION (Blood Purifier & Immune Enhancer)
* GOLDEN SALVE (Antibiotic/Antiseptic) - During the day
* BLACK OINTMENT (Healing, Drawing) - During the night
* BP-X, RED CLOVER or RED CLOVER BLEND (Blood Purifiers)
* ALOE VERA GEL + VITAMIN E - Mixed, applied topically
* GOLDEN SEAL (Antibiotic/Antiseptic) - Internally

Clean bowel, support digestion, no animal protein after 4:00 p.m. Eat 10 raw almonds a day and all dark colored fruits. Drink beet, carrot and asparagus juice often. Eat onions and garlic. No junk food, no caffeine. Consider Macrobiotic diet.

Remove teeth problems. Avoid chemicals and heavy metals. Avoid microwave ovens and sit at least 8 ft. away from T.V. Exercise as often as possible. Walk in the fresh air.

Information on Surgery Recovery
Calcium (6) to encourage healing Vit. E (3-4) to prevent adhesions Pantothnic acis and /or B-Comples (3) to speed healing Grapine (6) to reduct inflammation Detoxifacaton Homeopathic 6 times daily and BP-X (20. Immune Builders to avoid infection: Echinacea, IMM-C, THIM-J, Une De GAto, Morinda, etc. Note: Una de GAta needs HCP (PDA) for activation.

Excerpted from "Footprints On the Path" by J Candy Arnold