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Another forum message about cancer and chemo


If it were me I would be looking for a new doctor that is willing to work with me and healthy nutrition (herbs, supplements). Remind her that it is her life she is dealing with and if the doctors that are going to poison her don't know anything about nutrition she would be better off working with someone who does know about nutrition.

Here is a quote from a doctor in Well Being Journal's Special Edition: Healing Cancer Naturally, about Chemo Statistics. (I strongly recomend getting this magazine for future reference, to order go to their website at

"If you go to a cancer specialist, you are likely to go through chemotherapy-a treatment that only cures about 3% of patients and has no proven influence on the length and quality of life. As many as 75% of cancer patients undergo chemotherapy-even though their oncologist are aware that it's not only ineffective but also highly toxic. Furthermore: A recent survey in Canada found that 75% of oncologists would not undergo chemotherapy or recommend it to a loved one."

Robert Willis, Jr. M.D., in Health & Longevity, February, 1998.

Just some food for thought. Good luck