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They won't tell you that chemo weakens your heart


I went through chemo twice and my doctor told me to take antioxidants, Siberian ginseng, and a vitamin C that he personally researched and had the hospital pharmacy carry for his patients. "Eat a lot of broccoli and cut down on the fat." I also took Pau d Arco and drank a product by another company. I'd go with Green Zone from NSP now.

My doctor was listed by US News as one of the top ten in the country. His philosophy was to keep your appetite and health level up as high as possible. He said "eat right, take supplements, do what I tell you to do, and go to church. In other words, cover all your bases."

I had the only inflammatory tumor in that hospital's history to ever completely dissolve. There are other things out there now that I would have taken, probably with his blessing, that I wasn't aware of then--like COQ10.

Chemo will weaken your heart. That's one of the things they don't tell you about while they are trying their best to kill you. It weakened mine so much I wasn't able to finish my last round of chemo. Does her doctor want her to quit eating healthy foods also? I think I'd go elsewhere. It's only her life she's betting on this yahoo.