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As the author of Recipes for Success, I never suggest any products that are not available from NSP. With 450 products, it does not seem necessary to send someone to the health food store.

This program has worked wonderfully for many of my clients:

Una de Gato & Defense Maintenance to bolster the immune system, Vitamin E with Selenium (1600 I.U.) prevents hair loss, Super Antioxidants to prevent cell damage from chemotherapy, Thermo-Meal and Green Zone to provide balanced, easy-to-digest meal with adequate protein.

For Nausea:
Homeopathic: Nausea / Vomiting Remedy and/or Ginger.

To Offset Chemical Side Effects:
Bee Pollen, Barley Green, BP-X or Enviro-Detox, or CO Q-10 (200 mg. daily)