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Go Green Zone and Immune Stimulator


There was a product mentioned awhile back that was NOT a NSP product -- the lady raved about it's benefits with radiation and chemotherapy patients.

I would like to mention that the owner of the company that had/has this product was a former high up employee of Nature's Sunshine. When we formulated GreenZone - it was patterned after that product. It's absolutely wonderful for radiation and chemo patients.

And for the big C itself - we have the best in Protease + and Nature's Immune Stimulator. I saw for myself what it does for T-Cell production. When I had my live blood cell anaylsis done - the lady said she had never seen so many T-Cells.

Get the tape on these two products and cancer from the last convention. They are available from the Tape of the month club.

Hope this proves helpful to many of you.