Should I Stop Antioxidants
During Chemo?


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Subject: Cancer docs say no herbs or vitamins


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Take a stand and be strong in what you believe or get a different doctor.

I went through breast cancer which included radiation. At the time I wasn't educated enough to say NO but by the time I got through the radiation and the doctor started talking chemo and tamaxfin you can bet I had gotten a whole lot smarter!!

My oncologist requested that I stop all antioxidants during radiation, when I asked him why he told me because they didn't know how they worked. I provided all my doctors with copies of info from the HART book on all products I was using and info from several sources backing up why I was using them. My guess is not one of them read any of it.

I made the choice to not stop my program during radiation plus I added aloe vera, kelp, ginseng & St. Johns Wort oil topically to the readiated area. I was the only person during that six weeks to have no problems whatsoever ~ others were complaining about being tired to the point of exhaustion, some had nausea and all had terrible burned skin by the end of the treatments. I had none of these problems and was back to work full time through the course of my treatments.

I give God and the wonderful herbs he has given us all the glory ~ he truly lead me down a better path.

Best of luck in whatever choice you make, pray for guidance and CELEBRATE HEALTH