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I beg to disagree with this information.

I have been treating cancer patients in a clinical setting for 15 years, treating many types of cancer. I have used nutritional support programs including the use of herbs to support the Chemo therapy process with never any adverse side-effects. Their response to Chemo therapy using herbs has in every case been more effective then without. They don't become anemic, loose their hair, very little weight loss, very little nausea etc.

As far as treating someone with cancer of the liver, statistics form the National Cancer Institute show there is less than a one percent survival rate after 7 years, so what do you have to loose with herbal treatment?

I have been using blood work-ups i.e. blood chemistries from a Medicare approved lab. I also use live blood analysis, darkfield and phase contrast. I have a 10,000 power microscope for blood analysis. I no longer use muscle testing as I work with many MD's and to them it is voodoo medicine. I attempt to stay as clinical as I am able.