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This powerful testimonial tells how a woman used natural supplements and diet to overcome her bout with colon cancer.


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February 2, 2001, 8:41 pm

Here's the letter I wrote NSP in 1996 about my mother, who is alive and well and colon cancer free today.

My address and phone number remain the same.


August 1, 1996

Nature's Sunshine Products
75 East, 1700 South
Provo, Utah 84606

Dear NSP:

I may be one of the happiest women alive today, and I'm sure my mother is, too. I asked my NSP Manager, Mariann Cade, how I could thank everyone at Nature's Sunshine Products and get the word out about the fantastic achievement we've seen in less than six months. She told me to write you and to send the following to the Sun Net Newsletter:

It began with an insidiously steady weight loss, 34 pounds from August 1995 to February 1996. My well-cushioned 78-year-old mother, Ruth Hildebrand, insisted she preferred weighing less. She regarded vitamins, minerals and herbals as "drugs" and refused to take them, although she was accustomed to drinking the Nature's Spring reverse osmosis filtered water (the only way Cleveland water is potable).

Then the lower abdominal pain began; she refused to see a doctor until it became excruciating. A CAT scan revealed a perforated retroperitoneal abscess (a blown diverticulum, the natural outcome of untreated diverticulitis) and she was admitted from the doctor's office to a Cleveland hospital March 7, 1996 with a white count of 25,000 and severe peritonitis. The nightmare had begun.

The hospital is one of the finest in this country, yet its doctors suffer from the usual allopathic medical delusion that "what we say is the only right [answer]" so they kept her NPO and on IV fluids and antibiotics six days until she was extremely dehydrated. Then they operated, removed her entire descending colon (the transverse and sigmoid were left intact for later reconnection, a temporary colostomy) and sent it off to pathology who pronounced it malignant.

She was fitted with a subclavian feeding tube for parenteral "nutrition" (the bare minimum of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in bottles and bags needed to keep her alive), monitored for malnutrition and our whole family was assaulted by oncologists. The nightmare was well underway.

After five phone calls from them in one day, I called the oncology doctors a school of sharks a step away from feeding frenzy; I'd met aluminum siding salesmen who were easier to get rid of! They were selling chemotherapy! The emotionally loaded scare words were unmistakable and peppered their sales presentation: "only a six-week window of opportunity" existed until "possibility" of "metastasization" became "probability." We were made to feel as though we were trading our mother's life for our resistance to their magic bullet.

We were adamant; mother threw them out of her hospital room and referred them back to me. I am a hard sell because I have watched close friends die of lung, breast/bone and liver/pancreas cancer. The element they held in common was not the cancer, but their belief in the primacy of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy over basic nutrition and health. A disease and medicine-centered mind set is lethal.

The internist "fired" us when we refused chemotherapy. Mother's surgeon discharged her from the hospital because after three weeks she was borderline malnourished and unable to eat the hospital's visually attractive but thoroughly unpalatable food.

Her stomach was shrunken; we had to feed her five or six times a day, or as often as she could eat. She had one major incision, two drain wounds plus the colostomy. She was too weak to get out of bed on her own. Within five days I was suffering from sleep deprivation.

Early on I asked my NSP Manager, Mariann Cade (who is also an NSP District Manager) for help in filtering all the advice and suggestions everyone offered. Mother needed a unified, coherent approach to regaining health. Here's the "Nutritherapy" we devised:

A generous scoop of SynerProTein went into her daily oatmeal and soups (which were prepared by NSP Distributor and good friend Flo Dyer, who deserves ten million gold stars for her help saving my sanity in the face of five or six meals a day!). Family friends were asked to prepare an "extra serving" of hearty soups, casseroles, etc., to provide variety in mother's meals; it's amazing how generously people respond when you just ask.

Two tablespoons of Vitamin C Ascorbates powder went into every juice drink (fresh citrus, carrots and other vegetables; several juice recipe books are available but carrot and citrus were mother's favorites). She drank Aloe Vera and Liquid Chlorophyll. We alternated NutriCalm and B Complex, MegaChel and Mineral Maintenance in maximum doses and crushed the tablets for her (this made the foods "look funny" but didn't overwhelm the taste).

The nightmare was fading and mother's bowel reconnect was scheduled for June 25, 1996; then it started again: A fever and chills, the ER, more tests and another two weeks in the hospital because proteus, the original peritonitis infection, was back in a rectal fistula. This time, her stay was different; the surgeon wrote mother's "Nutritherapy" and meals from home into her orders and we remained in the health business.

Pending no further complications, surgery was rescheduled for July 31. One ominous "glitch" surfaced; the current CAT scans showed "swelling of tissues in the left lower quadrant consistent with continued tumor growth." Words to strike fear that are repeated to the family verbatim to apprise us of the continued risk in not opting for chemotherapy, a medical "cover yourself" maneuver.

We had been using a "shotgun" approach to mother's nutrition and felt fortunate that she accepted this much; she still refused pills, tablets and capsules. We needed to defeat the proteus and potential malignancy. Now we brought out the rifles: Goldenseal, Echinacea and the Pau d'Arco Power Pack. She resisted; her daughters (she includes Mariann Cade in that category, too) insisted. Mother capitulated and the race entered the homestretch; we had one month to win. It was rough.

The surgeon's attitude had shifted to pessimistic; she was trying to prepare us for a terminal illness. "No," I told her, "that's not what will happen. When you go in to do the reconnect, you will find no cancer, no infection; you'll remove the fistula, reconnect her gut and she will heal perfectly!" I went home and added AD-C, NutriCalm and more time release Vitamin C to my own regimen. The medical pin-pricks continued to the last moment; you should have seen the surgical release form mother had to sign.

They operated July 31 at 8:40 a.m. At 1:32 p.m. the surgeon walked up to me in the waiting area; I stood to meet the news: "Well, it was just what you ordered," she said. "No cancer, none; she's absolutely clean. No infection, either, so we removed the fistula, corrected some adhesions and reconnected her bowel. She's in recovery and will be in her room in an hour and a half."

Did vitamins, minerals and herbs alone produce this miracle? Of course not. God only knows the volume of prayers and declarations of perfect healing offered by my mother and on her behalf. But my husband and I have used Nature's Sunshine Products exclusively since 1984 and will continue using them for the rest of our lives and mother will, too. She will continue taking the Pau d'Arco Power Pack another six months and will remain on Una de Gato for six months after that. We'll continuously reevaluate the approach to use.

I toured the NSP production facility in 1985. As a former industrial magazine editor, I toured several major pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and can verify that NSP's plant is their technical and sanitary equivalent; take the tour, if you can.

Educate yourself. Read everything you can to build your knowledge base. Ask those who may know more. It's what you don't know that can kill you.

Please use this testimonial as you wish. If you have questions, I may be reached at 216/291-9281 days and evening.

Thanks a lot!


Thank you Linda for this awesome testimonial!