ChemtrailsA country that fails to understand the intimate relationship between morality and strength will soon decline in both.


Below are links that are much too important to bury on a back page of my website.

Please take the time to carefully check this information out.


Aluminization of Our Soils

A short 10-minute video that exposes the chemtrail program from the eyes of soil scientists and biologists.

My Chemtrail Story

Chronic headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, brain fog; these are just a few of the symptoms that I live with daily because of the metals being sprayed into the air around the world.

This is my chemtrail story, beginning to end.

Amalgam Fillings

My Mercury Story

Before the daily pain and suffering of chemtrails, I suffered daily from another source: mercury from my "silver" dental fillings.

Once they were removed, a lifetime of suffering vanished almost overnight. I share this private story with the world hoping some will be spared from this horrible sentence.


Depopulation Documented

An important 5-minute video that exposes the documents and agenda behind the current depopulation program.

The Global Depopulation Agenda

One of the most-watched alternative news videos on the internet.

If you don't know about the depopulation program, you may not be able to properly protect yourself and your family from the trouble ahead.


Do Vaccines Really Work?

This document contains an array of charts showing the dates vaccines were released and the dates of the decline of the related vaccine.

You really need to see this.

The Vaccine Safety Forum

Are vaccines safe? Do they really work?

Here is a list of articles and videos that will empower you with the information you need to protect your family.

Mystery Babylon

The Fuel Project

A collection of 77 short videos packed with information that decodes the mysteries of the world. It may just make you re-think everything.

Mystery Babylon

Possibly the most important series of radio programs ever transmitted. Bill Cooper exposes the religion of elite.


Lies In the Textbooks

Throughout history, textbooks have been used for social control. Do you really believe this time is any different?

The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved in 50 Arguments

This fascinating document printed in 1925 shows that they had a more logical representation of truth than our modern textbooks present today.

Silver Dental Fillings

In 2000, I discovered that my 17 health ailments were caused by the mercury in my silver dental fillings.

I had them removed and every ailment I ever had vanished, most of them overnight.

My Mercury Story...


In 2005, large jets began spraying something over Jamestown, New York and made me sick. In 2008, I was forced to move because of health issues caused by this spraying.

Now, "Chemtrails" have become the largest story in history but mainstream media wont' touch it.

My Chemtrail Story...


Years ago, I put up a section on my website about cancer. Now, so many people have linked to it, I'm going to leave it up in hope that many will benefit.


Controlling Populations

Emotional comfort largely involves avoiding rejection by peers. This fear of rejection causes many to follow the perceived belief of the community. Mainstream media has much sway over the public because it controls the perception of community belief. The emotional fear of rejection by peers that keeps one's beliefs from moving beyond the beliefs of their peers is called "social pressure". Until one rises above this fear, they remain controlled by those who control public perception. They remain unable to lead or significantly affect their peers. This is the state in which the power brokers desire to keep the common population.

It Affects You...

Orbis Vitae

A massive forum with just about any information you can dream of.

Orbis Vitae (Circle of Life) ...

Global Skywatch

One of the world's best resources for information about chemtrails and geoengineering.

Chemtrails are the biggest issue in history. You really need to know what it's all about.


Stop Spraying Maine

The state of Maine is getting sprayed hard by chemtrails. Please visit this website and learn more.

Stop Spraying Maine...

Proverbs For Life

A collection of wisdom gathered from a long and rocky road.

Proverbs For Life...