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"Ignorance is a symptom of the desire to avoid responsibility."



My Chemtrail Story

See those white lines across the sky? For the past several years, chemtrails have ruined my health and they have affected the health of numerous friends. Tests have shown that barium and aluminum are rising in water supplies, soils, and human blood samples everywhere they're spraying. Learn the truth about the largest crime against humanity in human history.

My Mercury Story

Mercury off-gassing from dental "Silver" (amalgam) fillings caused me to have 17 physical symptoms and to feel depressed, anxious, hyper. I was also unable to focus and had horrible short-term memory. Once the fillings were removed, all 17 physical symptoms vanished, most of the overnight. My emotional ailments vanished within months. Since then, I've learned that mercury causes over 200 of the most common disease today.

The Fourth Word of the Bible

The fourth word of the Bible has never been translated. It has been skipped, ignored, and passed over by scholars and Bible teachers for centuries. This article exposes the real meaning of this tiny 2-letter word that Moses wrote for a very specific reason.

David, Goliath, and Elhanan: Mainstream Media Lies

This short article clears up yet another lie fabricated about the Bible by mainstream media. I wrote it years ago after watching a Discover Channel program about the Bible that they—as they often do—implied was a contradiction. Well, it's not. It's something much simpler than that and they know better.