About Me

I spent most of my life living with horrible depression, only later to find out that it was caused by the mercury off-gassing from my dental "silver" fillings. In 2000, I had my "silver" fillings replaced and recovered from 17 physical symptoms and numerous fears, phobias, and emotional struggles, almost overnight.

Now I want to tell the world about mercury and how it causes over 200 of the world's most common diseases today.

As if that wasn't enough, in 2005 the government began flying large jets over our town leaving huge trails in the sky which caused me to have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth accompanied by numerous painful, physical issues. This struggle continues today as I've discovered that the metals being sprayed are affecting many people, but usually less dramatically than they affect me.

Now, I want to tell the world about chemtrails and how they are destroying people's health all over the globe.

Besides being beset by government-induced health issues the majority of my life, I'm a self-taught Musician, Recording Engineer, Computer Programmer, Internet Programmer/Designer, and theater Technical Director. I have a degree in Electronics Technology and an ISCET license. I love to write and record music, design computer software, design embedded computer control systems, and expose the crimes against humanity that make—and keep—so many people ill today.

I am currently CEO of a small publishing company that provides scientific information, computer programs, and websites to alternative health professionals. I have a few published articles and have appeared on a few alternative internet talk shows and pod casts for my activism exposing chemtrails and the health dangers of mercury.

I am not wealthy in this world, but I am forever thankful to the God Who has opened my eyes to see the world for what it really is, and Who has refined me so that I can enjoy the simple good things that so many take for granted.

My greatest reward in life is to reach out a hand and lift up a brother or sister, and then watch them strengthen themselves and get on with their lives. Of the skills that I have acquired in this life, it is this one that makes me feel like my life is worth something.